Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weeding, the chore that never ends

The 3 surviving rose cuttings from November in a thrift store pot
Spent an hour after work fighting another skirmish in the never ending war against the evil menace known as weeds and managed to clear out another big section of the front yard, but for how long I'm not sure.  Every time I think I've got the upper hand, a new crop pops up.  If flowers and vegetables were this easy to grow, my yard would be a lush Garden of Eden.

Speaking of growing flowers and vegetables, here are some pictures I took today of plants that are coming along nicely; some are recent acquisitions and some have been around a while.

Spanish spinach

Mesclun mix lettuce
Sweet 100 tomatoes
Snow peas
1st strawberry of the season
Alliums coming in
Cyclamen in new hanging pot
Picotee petunia
Red Lion Amaryllis & Paperwhites in grapevine basket I made
Garlic & tomatoes of unknown variety, as they were volunteers next to the composter

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