Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Starting seeds

It's once again time to get seeds started so they'll be ready to transplant by the end of February or early March, depending on the weather.  I had an old shelving unit laying around and am replacing the pressboard shelves with 1/4" wire fabric so that water can drain from the top to the bottom and also to allow more sun to reach the bottom shelves.  I plan on enclosing it with a clear shower curtain liner to create an inexpensive greenhouse.

I found some 50 cell plastic trays at a local hydroponics store for 50 cents each and cut them into two pieces, one 5 x 7 cells and one 3 x 5 cells so that they fit on the shelves better.  I loosely filled each cell with composted potting soil, then tamped the soil down using the end of a 2" x 2", which fits perfectly into the cells.  After adding the seeds and the row label, I added more soil, then tamped it down as well.  When the seedlings are ready for transplant, I should be able to pop them out of the tray and plant directly into the raised beds.  I planted the following peppers: Sweet Banana, Green Bell (California Wonder), Cubanelle, Uba Tuba, Cajamarca, Aji Limon, Datil, Costeno Amarillo, Takanotsume, Piment de Espelette, Pasilla, Mulato, Chiltepin and mixed Sweet Bells (red, green, chocolate).

The cucurbites are represented by Patty Pan, Yellow Crookneck, Zucchini, Acorn, Butternut, Blue Pumpkin and cucumbers.

I also planted pole beans, red corn, white Italian garlic, red salvia, petunias, Iceland poppy, rain lillies and vinca.  I already had some garlic growing, as well as some tomatoes.


  1. This great post might just get me going to start my seeds for veggies. I'm out sowing wildflower seeds now that we finally got rain. Have to get the deer fence up this year! You have a nice set-up there!

  2. Sue, This is just the start; I figure I have another 2-3 50 cell forms to fill.