Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weed wars

After two straight days of rain and gray skies, the sun decided to show itself, so after work I decided to survey the yard.  The back yard is still too soggy to really do anything other than look around, but the front yard is another story all together.  The lettuce is coming along nicely in its' window box and the spinach is finally starting to sprout in the other window box.  The alliums are coming up, as are the daylilies and the hyacinths.  The snow peas are getting to the point where they should start climbing soon and the basil and sage are still going strong.  The Asiatic lily I bought last year has turned into a half dozen sprouts that should flower in the Spring.

Despite all the good news, there is plenty of bad, namely weeds, and lots of them.  I've been fighting an ongoing war against weeds for the last 3 years, and it's been bloody hand-to-hand combat, as I don't use any weed spray except on the Bermuda grass that keeps popping up in the cracks in the driveway and sidewalk.  I've gotten the upper hand on most of the weeds, except the spurge, which seems impervious to my efforts at eradication.  I spent an hour this afternoon pulling up half a grocery bag full of the stuff and when impending darkness called an end to my efforts, I surveyed my surroundings, only to realize that I'd only managed to weed an area of approximately five square feet, or less than a third of the major patch of spurge.  What's worse is the knowledge that this is only round one and I'll be forced to deal with this same patch of ground several more times before the Bermuda grass comes out of dormancy and begins to crowd the spurge out until next Winter.

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