Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Part 2, finally!

Finally found the time to complete the Christmas decor, both inside and out.  Got the replacement tree for my frog ornaments and I like the new tree better, as it is sturdier and pre-lit.

The village got put up last night; it's over 7' long, has 16 buildings, 2 dozen trees and several battery powered items, including a billboard.  I vary the layout each year to keep it fresh and new.

The outside decorations are pretty much complete, except I still need to make a sign that says "Twas the night before Christmas..." and that is my project for the weekend.  I have an 8' snowman on the roof, with icicle lights and a double swag on the eaves.  The nectarine tree has 560 randomly blinking lights, the fence is strung with lights and the apple tree has lights as well.  There is a lighted buck with moving head next to the apple tree and then, of course, there's Larry.  This year he's portraying the narrator of the famous poem, "A visit from St. Nicholas", better known as "The night before Christmas".

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