Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Bunch of Blooms

Now that the weather is finally cooling down and 100's a just a memory, the garden is coming out of the doldrums in a burst of celebration.  Succulents are blooming, as are roses, plumerias and sunflowers, the peppers are loading up with fruit and I'm seeing some old friends at the feeders.  I'm amazed at how long the bloom on Fenestraria aurantiaca has lasted; the 1st bloom opened a week ago.

Fenestraria aurantiaca 'Baby Toes' has a 2nd bloom.

Astrophytum myriostigma bloom not yet open.

And one day later.

Euphorbia obesa female flower about to open.

Blue Moon

Climbing America


Plumeria 'Novelty'

A cheerful sunflower

Shishito peppers, a sweet Japanese variety.

I added another section of pallet decking, this time between the back porch slab and the brick walkway, so the I can get around the corner of the house without worrying about falling of the sidewalk and breaking my ankle.

This past weekend, the Desert Botanical Garden held its' Fall Plant Sale and I picked up a really nice Stapelia asterias, even though I already had one, this specimen was too nice to pass up.  I also bought my first Hoodia, but it was unmarked as to species, although my suspicion is that it's H. gordonii.

This magnificent S. asterias was $12.50 well spent.

This Hoodia was a nice find at $7.50.

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