Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Well, we had more rain over the weekend, 0.55" in fact, for a total or 0.81" for the week, actually for the entire monsoon season thus far.  Friday we had also had wind gusts up to 25 mph, but no damage at all. Other parts of the valley had wind gusts of 50-60 mph and enough rain to cause flash flooding, so it could've been worse.  Sunday it was too wet to mow or do much else in the garden, so I went shopping with Steph and checked out a store I'd been meaning to stop at for several months.  Garden Ridge is a mammoth store full of home decor, furnishings and garden stuff, including gnomes, so you know I couldn't leave without at least one.  This is Flo, the newest resident of my gnome sanctuary; her favorite phrase is "What'll it be, Hon?" as she chomps on a wad of gum.

Meet Flo, carhop extraordinaire.

The rain is helping everything to "green up", the sunflowers I planted last weekend are already pushing up and a few are even getting their first true leaves.

I'll be thinning the tomato vines and maybe even takig some out that haven't been productive; I have a few other varieties I could plant in their place.

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