Tuesday, July 2, 2013

R.I.P. Chuck the Crow

It is with a heavy heart that Larry announces the passing of his dear friend and loving pet, Chuck the Crow. The elements had not been kind to Chuck and after nearly two years of standing vigil with Larry day and night, Chuck finally succumbed this past weekend.  Larry says that after an appropriate period of morning, he may consider getting a new pet crow, or he may opt for another type of pet altogether.

Despite the extreme heat (121 on 6/28), the tomatoes continue to produce and I made a quick salsa to go with Sunday night's dinner; fresh home grown tomatoes make the best salsa!  

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, Larry decided he must soldier on and has put his patriotism on display for all to see; Happy 227th birthday, America!  It's so hot, even Larry needs to rehydrate.

I've added to collection of lady planters with this cute little flower girl found on a recent antique shopping excursion.

Gnomes continue to seek sanctuary at Dove Manor, with two more showing up recently, including a lovely little hula girl who quickly caught the fancy of our resident hula boy and they are now making sweet music together.

My first yellow hat gnome.

Hula girl gnome

The happy couple

Lastly, two motnhs after sowing the seeds, another 'Minerva' seedling as emerged, so the lesson learned is that apparently everything about amaryllis takes time, and lots of it.

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