Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunflowers and a Busted Irrigation System.

Last Saturday was the day everyone was supposed to plant sunflowers for the bees, but my irrigation system was busted, so planting had to wait until I could fix the leaks.  Every time I fixed one leak, another popped up and so today I wound up replacing the entire bad section and this time I used a better glue, one made for pressurized lines; so far it's holding up.  The plants sure appreciated the long drink I gave them, since the system had been down for two weeks and hand watering just wasn't satifying them.

So now that the system is fixed, I had an empty bed to fill, as the pepper seedlings all perished, so I sowed about 100 sunflower seeds in a 10 square foot bed.  If they all come up, it'll either be one heck of a display or I'll have to do a lot of thinning.  I sowed Velvet Queen, Hopi Black Dye, Teddy Bear, Vanilla Ice, Florenza, Citrus,Mammoth Russian, Wild Arizona Native, Yellow Disk, Pastiche, Moulin Rouge, Italian White, Peach Passion, Strawberry Blonde Hybrid, Coconut Ice, Black Oil and several different NOID's, about 22 varieties in all.

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