Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Back Into the Groove

The rain has stopped, temps are back to normal and I'm starting to get back into the gardening groove.  In my last post I mentioned that I'm trying a new pruning (to me at least) method on the grapevines, so I thought maybe I should show you some pictures.
Cane pruned
Spur pruned
I also mentioned that there was a new gal in the garden and that she was entertaining suitors; here are the latest ones.

I also found this little guy "hanging around" on the front porch.

The greens made it through the freeze unscathed; I harvested a big bunch on Tuesday and used them in an escarole and cannellini bean soup.

On the floral front, last year's hollyhock also survived the freeze and is getting a good jump start on Spring, last year's tulips have started to break through the ground and I planted 100 gladioli today at lunch.  I shook the corms up in a bag to mix the colors and I should get an interesting palette when they start to bloom.  As previously noted, the 'Minerva' amaryllis has sent up another bloom stalk, this one's 18" tall and has 7 blooms on it!

Tulips emerging
'Minerva' reblooming

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