Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Larry and the Gnomes

Despite last Sunday night's loss to the New York Giants, Larry is unwavering in his support of the Packers and dressed to let the whole world know what team he supports.  Let's hope they take inspiration from Larry and beat the Vikings this week.

Yet another gnome has found his way to Dove Manor and this cute little guy is really little, standing about 2.5" tall.  I think I may find him a home in a fairy garden this Spring, or maybe put him in the hen and chick garden.  Hopefully a few of his brothers will join him at Christmas.

The gang was sighted playing in the fallen nectarine tree leaves this afternoon, frolicking in the knee deep leaf litter without a care in the world.  Maybe the sign is the reason they're so care free, but with all those leaves to play in, how could you possibly anger them?

Lastly, Mr. B's Garden has hit a couple of milestones recently, going over 4700 page views, with visitors from 64 countries.

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