Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In Memoriam

We lost a dear friend, Frank Tamburro, on the 6th of this month and prior to his passing we spent as much time with him as we could, then spent the rest of the week helping his family with the estate. Frank was one of my wife's co-workers who became like family to us.  We went to plays together, had dinner parties and even went on an Alaskan cruise together. Frank will be greatly missed, but his family was kind enough to gift me some of Frank's plants and garden decor to remind me of him daily.  One of the items was a seated lion statue and a pedestal to place it on; it had been been out in the Arizona sun for many years and the paint was faded and peeling, plus it has been knocked down during a few of our summer monsoons, so it was in need of repair.  I was able to fix several of the cracks using cloth strap clamps and then used a wire brush to remove the loose paint and gave him two coats of fresh paint.  I named the lion Fred and he now looks appropriately regal and I like to think Frank is smiling approvingly as he watches over us.
Fred before restoration
A strap clamp being used to mend one of Fred's cracks
Fred restored to his former glory, waiting to have his name stenciled on the pedestal
Knowing of my love of gnomes, Frank and his sister Nancy insisted that I take this little guy home to live with the rest of the gnomes in my garden; they also gave me this wonderful elf, who has been accepted into the community by the gnomes, since they're cousins after all.

I also received numerous potted plants and I'll hi-lite a few of them here, including a large elephant food plant, Portulacaria afra, and two bonsais.

Portulacaria afra

Rest In Peace

Frank Angelo Tamburro


Son, Brother and Friend

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  1. Brian, I'm so sorry for your loss,'ve written a great tribute to your friend.