Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Larry honors America's veterans

In honor of America's veterans, Larry's wearing an authentic 1950's-60's era Army uniform.  Larry is proud to honor and acknowledge the sacrifices of the members of all of America's Armed Forces; Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy, both full-time and as members of the National Guard, who have served and continue to serve, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy the freedoms many of us take for granted.  From the citizen soldiers of the Colonial Militias who fought for freedom from British tyranny to the volunteer soldiers currently serving domestically and overseas, this country's citizens have a proud tradition of military service to defend not only American soil, but in defense of citizens of other countries threatened by the yoke of tyranny from their own government as well as foreign invaders.  

1 comment:

  1. Hi Brian and Larry!
    What a nice tribute you both are making to honor our boys overseas and those who have served in the past. I'm proud to be an American alongside you two.