Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Slow day @ Casa Mr. B

Not much happening in the garden today, as it's hot (102) and there were things that required my attention indoors (like A/C cooled air).  Some of the Canna seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago have sprouted, but I won't know what I have until they bloom next year, as I mixed the seeds when I soaked them.  Even after soaking for 2 full weeks they were hard as rock and I found out they need to have the outer shell scored so water can get in.  24 hours after scoring, they had swelled to double their size and were ready for the seed tray.

The Climbing America rose is blooming again and the okra is about a foot tall.  Big Jim chiles are finally setting fruit, but many of them are rotting on the blossom end; will have to do some research to see why that is.

Larry spent his first night on patrol in the front yard and he freaked out some youngsters walking by around midnight who thought there was a drunk out there staring at them.

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