Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Heat, heat and more heat; not sure if I can take much more of these 110+ days, it's already 100 @ 8:30 AM, with a forecast high of 115.  It's too hot to work in the yard except in the early morning hours and I have to work at my real job then, so for now I'm just supplementing the drip system with soakings from the hose and hoping for this ridge of high pressure to break, as we're having one of the hottest Augusts on record.  So far I've lost some of the seedlings I started and will have to wait for cooler weather to restart them, but rest of the gardens are hanging in there.  I just keep reminding myself that I'll still be gardening this winter when most people are looking wistfully out at their snow covered yards and dreaming of Spring.

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