Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mid-month Update

The new year is in full swing and things are happening here at Mr' B's; new gnomes, new plants and new developments with existing elements.  Let's start with the new gnomes; Christmas brought two new gnomes, one from my good friend Jules and one from my daughter, Heather.

This guy came out of the box to have his picture taken, then went straight back inside.

This guy has hats for different occasions.

Every day hat.


4th of July



I also found a few hanging around some local stores, looking for a new home, so I offered them sanctuary.

I recently spent some time browsing the clearance racks in the garden centers at a couple of Lowe's stores near me and found some bargains, including a Semi-Dwarf Babock Peach tree for just $11.49.  I built a 2' x 2' x 22" cedar planter for it and will include a picture in my next post.  I also picked up four calla lilies for $0.99 each, a 'Frankly Scarlet' daylily for $5.49, a 'Mandarin Wind' hibiscus for $3.49 that had two plants in the pot, which I split up when I repotted them and a couple of 1 gallon Stocks, including a pink double.  I was hoping to save seed from the double stock, but I found out they're infertile, although some of the seeds from the other plants may carry the recessive gene for double petals, so I may still get some seeds that will produce doubles.  I think Lowe's clearance racks may become part of my weekly routine.

Calla lilies 

A bud waiting to open.

The hibiscus are in the urns on my carport.

Stock; notice the pink doubles in the bottom forefront.

I also found seed potatoes at WM and bought three bags of 'Red Norland' with ten potatoes in each.  I planted five in each of the two potato growing bags I bought last year but hadn't used yet, and planted the remaining potatoes in a raised bed in case the grow bags don't work out.  The grow bags have a Velcro'd flap in the front to enable harvesting without pulling the plant up, so they'll be used for baby potatoes.

Potato grow bags with a Velcro flap for harvesting.

The remaining potatoes ready to be planted.

The amaryllis came out of the fridge and were planted in early December, but didn't start coming up until early this month.  The winter veggies are continuing to thrive and hopefully there will be something to harvest by the middle of next month.  I planted a third celery plant rooted from the "butt end" of a store bought stalk; time will tell if I get a harvest from them.  The lettuce I planted in the bottom rung of the ladder planter is forming a head and if successful, will be the first head lettuce I've ever grown.  

Amaryllis soaking up rays next to my office window.

Winter veggie bed.

Three celery plants from the "butt end" of store bought stalks.

Lettuce head forming.

Huernia somalica continues to bloom and for the first time it has multiple blooms open at once.  Several of the Stapelias I bought last year have started to show new growth, reassuring me that they will survive.  The Orbea malanantha had to be repotted, as it was getting root bound and needed a larger, deeper pot.  I'm hoping the change will encourage it to bloom this year, as it didn't bloom at all last year.

Huernia somalica

Stapelia flavrostris with new growth barely peeking above ground.

Stapelia flavopurpurea with new growth.

Stapelia kwebensis with new growth.

Stapelia rufa with new growth, which is especially welcome, as I lost one of the two plants I bought.

Obrea malanantha repotted

Lastly, the roses continue to bloom profusely, including the miniature ones, even though they took a couple of months to come back after being trimmed since they were getting leggy.

Climbing Joseph's Coat

Miniature roses


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