Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How To Repot Succulents

When repotting succulents, it's important not to plant the root crown deeper in the new pot than it was in the old, as this can cause the base of the plant to rot.  I came up with a solution that is practically foolproof and the following series of pictures show how it works.

Step 1: Place weed blocker fabric over the drain hole of the new pot

Step 2: Add just enough soil to the bottom of the pot so the the plant will be at the level desired.

Step 3: Place the plant to be repotted into the new pot without removing it from the existing pot.

Step 4: Fill the new pot with soil around the existing pot, then wet the soil and tamp down.

Step 5: Remove the plant and it's pot; this leaves a perfectly fitted depression in which to place the plant.
Step 6: Remove the plant from it's old pot and place in the depression in the new pot and tamp the soil firmly around it.

Here is a trio of succulents I repotted today and placed on a shelf with holes cut on the board for the pots to fit into so that they won't get blown over in the wind.

Left to right: Huenia sp, Hoodia gordonii, Stapelia scitula.

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