Sunday, November 17, 2013

Foliage Updates, Plus Birds

The celery I've been rooting in my kitchen was planted in one of the raised beds today, in place of the sunflowers which were beyond their prime.  I also planted some pumpkin seeds my grandson sprouted in his class for Halloween.

Celery rooted from store bought stalks.

The cannas are continuing to bloom and there are some seed pods ripening.  I friend asked me for some of the cannas when I thin them and I offered her some seeds, but she decided tubers would be easier to deal with.

Each pod will hold 1-4 seeds, which are mature when the pod turns black.

The tricycle planter got a face lift with some extra vinca I had, since the moss rose seeds never sprouted.

The Climbing Don Juan rose is performing better than I could have hoped for and is almost to the top of 5' tower it's growing up through.  In the background of the picture below you can see the habaneros and lemon grass.

Looks like it's time to mow.

The Huernia somalica has bloomed again and it looks like there are another 4-6 buds waiting for their turn. I've spotted the first flower bud on the Stapelia flavopurpurea I purchased a few months ago and can't wait for this one, as the flower is really unique looking and is one of the few stapeliads that actually smells pleasant.

Huernia somalica

Look closely, near the top on the left.

Went shopping at a local nursery for more stapeliads on Friday without success, but did pick up this unusual Euphorbia, Euphorbia bupleurifolia X suzannae and planted it in the wheelbarrow succulent garden.  The may be room for one or two more plants, then this garden will be complete, as there are 10 species in there now, with the Euphorbia obesa being the only surviving plant from the original design, the others have succumbed to transplant shock, freezes or having outgrown the garden.

Euphorbia bupleurifolia X suzannae

Heard a lot of commotion in the back yard and found a couple of lovebirds and cowbirds eyeing each other warily in the platform feeder.

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