Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update for W/E 3/14/13

Weird weather appears to be the new normal, as last Friday the 8th, we had 1.46" of rain, winds that destroyed all but one of my neighbor's sunflowers and two separate hail storms while the temperature struggled to reach 54, and then the last two days have set record highs of 95 and 97.  Despite the weather, things are getting done around Dove Manor and today I finished building and planting the raised potato bed.  Like the other raised beds, this one is made out of cedar fence boards and lined with weed block fabric, but it's larger than the others @ 47" x 51", or nearly 16 square feet.  I filled it with 7 cubic feet of topsoil, planted 3 lbs of seed potatoes, then covered them with 3 more cubic feet of topsoil.  As the plants begin to come up, I'll add more topsoil to encourage more potato production.  The bed will get afternoon shade, even in the height of summer, so the potatoes should have time to mature without worrying about the soil getting too hot.

The bed ready to be filled

The potatoes ready to be covered
Room for another 5-6 cubic feet of topsoil as the plants develop

I also added some color to the front yard with a large pot filled with 3 lavender plants and 18 petunias in 3 different complementary colors.  I had to fight the bees off at the garden center when I bought the lavender this morning, so they should attract plenty of pollinators to my garden.

When making my rounds this afternoon, I noticed that the eureka lemon is forming flower buds, so maybe there will be some fruit to harvest after all.  I also saw the first swallowtail of the year flitting from blossom to blossom on the nectarine tree, so I guess it's a good thing I didn't cut it down after all.

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