Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring are all around me, from the courtship dances of the birds to plants coming out of their winter slumber.  The various species of doves are beginning to try out their pickup lines at the singles bar otherwise known as the backyard feeders, the Anna's Hummingbird's are singing in hopes of attracting a single gal, as are the Curve-billed Thrashers and I saw the first White-winged Dove in months today.

In the garden, the grapes are starting to leaf out and the nectarine, which I've decided not to cut down, is beginning to bloom.  The Anna apple is in full bloom and even has a few small apples on it, but the Ein Shemer that I bought to cross-pollinate the Anna still hasn't even begun to bloom.  

I planted another 140+ gladioli yesterday and the ones I planted last month are already coming up.  I have around 250 glads in 15 different varieties (new varieties to my garden this year are indicated by an '*':  Black Forest*;  Blue Lagoon*; Comet*; Early Bird; Fiorentina; Firecracker; Flowersong; Grande Passsion*; Lavender; My Love*; Peter Pears; PlumTart; Sun Kissed*; Superstar and Traderhorn.

Four out of the five tomato varieties I planted back on January 28 have finally come up and the last one should sprout soon.

Lastly, the petunia that self-sowed has bloomed and revealed itself for all to see.

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