Friday, February 21, 2014

Lots of New Stuff

There's lots of new stuff here at Mr. B's, both inside and out; new plants, new collectibles and new growth. Let's start with the collectibles, which are an early 1900's blue and white stoneware mug, unmarked but probably from the Midwest; a 1940's cockatoo wall pocket, also unmarked; and a 1950's pot by Maddux, a California pottery that was located in Los Angeles.

My 1st blue and white stoneware piece.

A beautiful wall pocket

An oh so 50's pot.

Of course, new plants made their way into the house or garden, including red onions, sunflowers, African violets, Stapeliads and other succulents.  I bought a package of 80 red onion starts from Wal-Mart for under $2 and planted some in blueberry bed and some in the peach planter and within a few days, the first green tops were poking up. I placed an order for 10 new Stapeliads from Mesa Garden in Belen, NM, but unfortunately for me and good for them, they've had so many orders that they were only able to provide six of the plants in my order.

Red onions already pushing up after just a few days.

African violet I bought recently

Another AV, this one looks great in the Maddux pot.

Duvalia modesta, South Africa & Madagascar

Duvalia radiata, South Africa & Madagascar

Piaranthus comptus, South Africa & Madagascar

Piaranthus decipiens, South Africa & Madagascar

Huernia plowsii x zebrina

Euphorbia anoplia, Tanzanian Zipper Plant

Another bird cage turned into a planter

Ledebouria socialis 'Violacea'

Ledebouria socialis inflorescence

Sunflowers breaking through their new bed.

And the existing plants are responding to the spring-like weather we've been enjoying by blooming, sprouting and generally acting like it's March.  

Cremnosedum 'Little Gem' blooming in the gnome garden.

Hollyhocks getting ready to bloom.

Potatoes with lots of top growth.

Senecio radicans glauca flowers

I revamped the succulent bed in the old water fountain by drilling drainage holes in it, then planted it with cuttings and pups from existing plants in the gardens.

A store that was closing in the mall near my house placed a listing on Craigslist offering free store fixtures and I managed to get a couple of acrylic display stands, which I'm using on the porch to display some of my succulents.

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