Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Succulent Follow-up and A Few New Things

As promised, here are photos of the new succulents all potted up and placed in their new home.  Both of the E. obesa went into the wheelbarrow with the existing one I bought last year; it was about the same size as the new ones back then.

The Stapelias all went on the front porch which is all succulents except for the Amaryllis, and they will have to move eventually to make room for more Stapelias, since I found out there are about forty species of of them.

S. cedrimontana & S. flavopurpurea

Back row: S. variegata & unkn S. species
Front row: S. rufa & S. asterias

S. erectiflora & S. shinzii

The front porch succulent garden.

Notice in the next picture how the flower buds are twisted at the end; they slowly unwind as the bud gets bigger and bigger and then finally opens.

S. gigantea buds preparing to open.

I planted the peppers in the bed with the sunflowers, as it was originally built for peppers.

My neighbor gave me a topiary that died and I removed the dead plant (rosemary) and bought a new rosemary plant, potted it an empty pot I had lying around, then placed the topiary frame over the rosemary. In a few months it should fill out enought to start looking like a real topiary.

Rosemary elephant topiary.

The lone surviving strawberry is sending out runners; the yellow banana squash, a type of yellow zucchini, looks like it set its' first fruit, and the Climbing Don Juan put out some nice blooms.

Once the S. gigantea buds open, I'll post some pictures, otherwise the next post should come this weekend.

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